Report 1st semester 2022

Between September 2021 and January 2022 I have been in deep depression, with some cyclic manic/depressive episodes. It was an awful period, followed by a feeling of hollowness in my chest. Thankfully I found my cure with bupriona or Buprion in English. Since then, I have focused on college, Reddit (more than just removing comments), and just getting my life toghether.

I have bought clothes that better fit me and make me stylist even if it’s just basic and boring colors. You can’t miss with basic colors. That was mostly for my short lived internship.

A lot of opportunities have come up recently, and I’m taking my time to see if each of them are worth it, and how much I need to sacrifice or align with my existing plans and schedule.

Since May 2022 I have noticed that my mood is heightened, and I have keeping tabs on my humor. Daylio is a great app for that, and I recently bought the premium version of the app for a year. Daylio Premium gives you advanced stats and also a trove of icons for your activities.