Aphantasia and Utopia

Aphantasia is a condition that I have. In my case, it manifests as “empty” thoughts. I cannot think, with my eyes closed or in my dreams, a text or a colorful image. For the purposes of this text, let’s assume that Aphantasia is an incurable condition.

The Utopia I cite here is what I understand to be Ernst Bloch’s notion of utopia. It also includes the idea of the “not yet realized” or imagined. My understanding is that Bloch is a hopeful guy. Dude, don’t hold your hopes up.

First of all, I should clarify to the reader that I currently consider myself a social democrat, in particular I sympathize with the Tony Blair government and its New Labour movement within the Labour party, and disagree with the shift to the left after his tenure in the party. I believe that Blairism in the way I understand it had the best of the left-wing and the right-wing. I consider it, and I may be wrong, a center-left ideology, and I am comfortable considering myself a center-left person.

For me, I feel that imagining the world differently prevents me from becoming an anarchist or a communist, or anything further to the left than social democracy. As in Aphantasia, I will always live with the dark. As I said, it is incurable. Since there is no cure, I will always imagine certain things or scenarios differently from people who can imagine things colorfully.

Let’s get to politics: there are thing that are simply permanent for me, like certain moral or ethical points, or what I think is right and what I think is wrong, and so many other things.

Anarchism, as I understand it, promotes the equality and freedom of a society and is against the tyranny of the State. There are various anarchism thoughts about what can replace the figure of the State. There are even strands that simply say that there is no need to replace the state with anything.

One of the things that some anarchists believe is necessary in an anarchist society is direct voting, which is to give every person the right to vote on any decision. I am completely against this proposal. In a society there will be very technical or theoretical issues like education, health, safety, sanitation etc. Nowadays you need politicians to increase or release funding for projects, approve or deny funding or a new law or measure, among other things. But there is also the technical aspect of it. I expect a politician to know how to handle the bureaucratic paperwork and the information needed to know whether he should approve or deny a law or measure. He will have not only him to make the decision, but an advisory board and the civil servants at any bureaucratic level (federal/state/municipal) to advise him. Obviously there will be a lot of lobbying and corruption as well, even more so when we are talking about money for grants.

Some people, I believe, are born with permanent conditions that prevent them from being more progressive than others, but not because they are rich or live in a conservative household.

To adapt a famous quote, you are may not born a socialist or a communist, but there’s the rub: You can even, if you grew up in a conservative or liberal liberal home, become a leftist. Obviously there are cases of people who were radical conservatives who are now staunch communists. But we are human, logical and emotional, and we will have certain eternal precepts that arise from the depths of our being. We have answers for certain things that are automatic, irrational.

Some people see beauty in the world, others can’t even imagine that beauty.


People in r/changemyview said my text made little sense so I deleted the post there. When I was talking with my psychologist because I was feeling a bit maniac I had thought about this text. This is probably the product of said mania.